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    The INSEAD Assessment

    The INSEAD Assessment has been designed for senior level, busy, international applicants as an alternative entry route to taking GMAT. Similarly to GMAT, it tests your aptitude for business related subjects and is used to assess your analytical abilities.

    If you decide to take the INSEAD Assessment, you must submit your application at least 2 weeks before your targeted test date. Successful applicants will then be invited to sit the test on one of the three INSEAD campuses.


    For Busy Executives

    The test for senior level, busy executives who can't spend months preparing for the GMAT.

    Logic. Not Memory.

    The INSEAD Assessment focuses on testing business-relevant skills. It does NOT require you to spend time on extensive preparation for rule-based mathematics and English grammar correction that would not be used in a business context.

    Most busy candidates are able to achieve adequate performance on the test with 4-8 weeks of preparation while holding full-time jobs.


    Key Aspects of the Test

    For INSEAD

    The test has been designed specifically for INSEAD, and is used for admission to the INSEAD Global Executive MBA and the Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA.


    You should familiarize yourself with the test and question formats, and get used to timing your responses. Most busy executive achieve adequate performance with 4-12 weeks of preparation.


    The test is available at INSEAD campuses in Fontainebleau, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, on specific test dates approximately once a month.


    You will know the result of your application to the programme within 2-3 weeks of completion of your application and test. INSEAD does not report the "test score".


    You should set aside 5 hours for the visit and the test. Should the test day coincide with an EMBA module, you will also get to interact with current participants.

    vs GMAT

    Unlike the GMAT, the INSEAD Assessment does not assess rule-based mathematics and English grammar that would not be used in a business context. GMAT tests many areas that the INSEAD Assessment does not, and vice versa.

    Financial Times #1 Executive MBA

    INSEAD Assessment v GMAT

    INSEAD AssessmentGMAT
    Target AudienceEMBA aspirants with 10+ yrs. of experience.MBA aspirants with 3-5 years of experience.
    Average Preparation Time1 to 3 months.3 to 6 months.
    Duration2.5 hrs + interview.~4 hrs.
    Timing2 weeks after admissions application.Before admissions application.
    Fee€185.US $250.
    Skills testedLogic.
    Business-relevant skills via case.
    Logic + Memory. NO case.
    Test dateClick here to see scheduleMost weekdays around the year, depending on test-centre availability.
    Location3 INSEAD Campuses:
    France, UAE and Singapore
    Test centres around the world.
    Score reportingScores not reported (INSEAD internal use).Additional score reports available at US$35 per school.

    What is tested?

    The test has 5 sections. The test is followed by the interview.

    Data Analysis

    Fluency and efficiency in the use of business-relevant mathematics.
    30 minutes
    15 questions

    Data Interpretation

    Data Significance testing through both standard mathematical logic questions, and also multiple linked mini case questions where arithmetic and algebra are tested in the context of a business scenario.
    30 minutes
    15 questions

    Communication Analysis

    Analysis of passages through the lens of gauging the main themes, relevant points and logical inferences.
    30 minutes
    15 questions

    Critical Thinking

    Managing the components of a logic problem to either deliver a definitive answer to a question or simply determine its solvability.
    30 minutes
    15 questions

    Business Case

    You are given 30 minutes to read a brief business case with key questions to consider and answer as part of the presentation given to the test panel. Candidates are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the case and give a 5 to 10 minute presentation summarizing the situation, challenges, opportunities and potential solutions. This is followed by 10 to 15 minutes of Q&A on the case.
    30 min preparation
    20 min presentation


    The business case presentation is immediately followed by a 20 minutes interview with the same panel. The interview focuses on your motivation for applying for an EMBA and to INSEAD and other related questions.
    20 min interview

    Upcoming Test Dates

    During the COVID19 crisis, INSEAD is making the INSEAD Assessment available online. You’ll receive a list of possible test dates after submitting your Executive MBA application.

    Test Preparation Packages

    INSEAD Assessment Guide
    11 hrs Data Analysis
    2 hrs Data Interpretation
    4 hrs Communication Analysis
    3 hrs Critical Thinking
    2 hrs Business Case
    Personal study plan (hrs split above is typical, not mandatory)
    Flex Prep Hours
    INSEAD Assessment Guide
    17 hrs Data Analysis
    2 hrs Data Interpretation
    7 hrs Communication Analysis
    4 hrs Critical Thinking
    4 hrs Business Case
    Personal study plan (hrs split above is typical, not mandatory)
    Flex Prep Hours
    Application Consulting
    Candidacy Evaluation
    Strategy & Timeline Management
    Profile Sculpting
    CV Editing
    Essay Editing
    Referee Selection
    Recommendation Editing
    Interview Preparation
    Unlimited hours (one application)

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